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To my friends and Members of New Farmers of Central Coast,

This is a forwarded message from our affiliate group whom we are a part of.  In paying annual membership fees to them we are able to work with them and network.  Please feel free to reach out and identify yourself as a NFCC member.

Hey NYFC leaders,

Our friends at the Greenhorns are making a last call for submissions to their New Farmers Almanac. They’re seeking agrarian essays, flowcharts, manifestos, cartoons, illustrations, policy briefs and sonnets for their 2015 New Farmer’s Almanac! It would be great if you could spread the word through your chapter listservs– details below:


The New Farmers Almanac returns for 2015, with a diverse and delightful set of submissions already in hand. If you have promised us a piece of writing, please push it to us as well-polished and quickly as you can. Spend your morning time on it please! Focus, the season will swirl you away once again before you can share what insights a season of thinking has yielded.

Reminder also to Artists, Amateur Archivists of Ephemera:

You too can send in your contributions!

Almanac images: due date February 15th

300 dpi minimum to

FYI: If you take a picture with a smartphone, in good light we can usually clean it up and use it.

Sophie Ackoff

Membership and Development Coordinator

The National Young Farmers Coalition

(909) 762-6530

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Rodale Expert answers your questions!

Hello NFCC Members,
This is another great opportunity we have available because of our affiliation with National Young Farmers Coalition.  Please go to the links and share with others.  For limited time only.
Per Wes-
“We’ve got a neat learning opportunity for anyone with questions on soil and compost.  The NYFC Farmer Forum ( is having an expert from the Rodale Institute come on next week to answer any questions we all put forward – would you mind spreading the word?  I think a lot of beginning farmers can really benefit from this!

Have a question on building healthier soil, choosing soil amendments, or developing your compost system? Head on over to the NYFC Farmer Forum to ask your questions to Dr. Elaine Ingham, Rodale Institute’s chief scientist. 
Dr. Elaine will be logging on to the forum each day next week (June 24th-28th) to answer your questions in the 
“Soil and Fertility” section of the forum. To post, simply register and post a question here anytime before the 28th. And spread the word!  

Dr. Elaine Ingham is a world-renowned soil microbiologist who continues to study the microbial life of the soil, which in large part explains why organic “works.”  Elaine founded Soil Foodweb, Inc. in 1996, helping farmers all over the world to grow more resilient crops by understanding and improving their soil life. She is also an affiliate professor at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa and has served in academia for three decades. 

Her expertise: sustainable soils. soil life and soil food webs. sustainable nutrient cycling. composting: thermal, worm and static composting. liquid composts: the production and use of compost tea and compost extracts.

Happy June!

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Highlights from NYFC Leadership Conference Call April 22, 2013

Hi folks,

National Young Farmers Coalition had another conference call and although I wasn’t able to sit in on the call, was passed on the notes by Wes Hannah.  I’d like to share those notes with you.

The meeting started out with introductions of who was in the call and a little bit about them.  NYFC has folks in New Mexico, Kansas, Northern California, Colorado, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Georgia, Connecticut, Texas and New Jersey.  All of these folks are working hard to organize their group, build membership, and work on local policy to help farming businesses.  Some are working with their local political representatives to build constituency and work on reform.

Discussion of the Beginning Farmer & Rancher Opportunity Act (FROA) is that farmers are utilizing under the bills 9 month extension.  NYFC is working with NSAC to push a marker bill introduced into Congress (last week of April) and provides funding for beg farmer programs, development programs, cost share & environmental improvements.  The idea is to change the structure of the bill to make funding more easily accessible.  The bill is a bi-partisan.  It is a 3 part plan to include; publication, working with the farmer to access, and continuing the momentum by following through and networking.

NYFC is working with Food & Drug Administration to re-write food safety laws as they pertain to farms.  NYFC is currently in the “comments” portion of the process and NYFC will submit a comment as an organization but wants feedback putting these comments together.  The document is quite lengthy and dry but the group is working on closing comments by September.  Info on food safety debate:

Lindsey Scalera (cofounder of MIYFC) from the Nation Sustainable Ag. Commission in Michigan has been working on creating government documents & organizing farm bill.  You can contact her at:  She has a treasure trove of organizing documents and would love to share.

Anyone who would like official minutes to the meeting can contact me either through this wordpress site or through: .

As always you can check out: and contribute.


Vanessa Harris

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Ask an expert from Johnny’s Seeds about Vegetables Flowers & Grains.

To New Farmer’s of The Central Coast Members,

Through our affiliation with NYFC we are able to participate in this awesome opportunity to ask questions and get answers.  You would have to register with wordpress to ask a question but the process is painless and easy.   The following is forwarded from Sophie Ackoff.

On our newly launched Farmer Forum, the National Young Farmers Coalition is creating a space for conversation among farmers across the country to troubleshoot farm problems, discuss policy, and share information and opportunities. This week (April 29th-May 3rd) Paul Gallione of Johnny’s Seeds will be answering questions on the topic: Vegetables, Flowers and Grains. Head on over to the Forum here to ask any and all questions you have on seedling care, varieties, germination issues, planting, growing under cover, etc.

Paul has 40 years of farming experience, a degree in agronomy, and currently grows hoop house tomatoes, strawberries, and sweet corn, along with a mix of other vegetables and flowers in Waldo, Maine. He serves as Technical Services Technician at Johnny’s, (i.e. he responds to customer technical growing questions and maintains the technical information available to customers!) Paul will be first in a series of “experts” on the forum, bringing you diverse contributors to offer expert advice, in addition to the 24/7 experience and knowledge of your peers!

Have fun!

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March 10th Monthly meeting & Beekeeping Class

beekeeping class

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Soil Science Class Feb. 3rd 2013

Soil Science Class Feb. 3rd 2013

John begins the class with lecture.

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Soil Science Class Feb 3rd

So if you missed the soils class earlier this month with NFCC here is a re-cap.  The class was taught by John DeRosier who is owner of With The Grain (  It was hosted by Vanessa Harris at her home at Heart of Paso Produce (  It was a GREAT turn out of 14 enthusiastic folks.  The class was a couple of hours in the afternoon and all outdoor.  While we began with lecture we migrated into hands on soil analysis.  John had asked folks to bring their soils from around their growing sites and it was amazing to share and hear about how people are working with their soils.  John showed us several methods of soil analysis as well as simple tricks to discovering more about soil just by adding a little water and using your hands.  All who came enjoyed chile verde with snacks and everyone left with dirt on their hands and smiles on their faces.  We hope to have more classes very soon so stay tuned for more!!!

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